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There are over two thousand heavy- and medium-duty trucks on the road in North America using the OK ultracapacitor-based Engine Start Module.

Over the next decade and beyond, the trucking industry will see increasingly stringent regulation regarding emissions from idling and reduction in fuel usage. At the same time the industry is relying more and more on the truck’s batteries to crank and start engines as well as to run electrical loads such as lighting, lift-gates, sleepers, and other energy-intensive loads. Competition is increasing and pressure to keep trucks on the road with on-schedule deliveries is as intense as ever.

As a result, there is a major emerging application for starting diesel engines in trucks. By dedicating the starting function to ultracapacitors, trucks can always start – even when batteries are seriously discharged. Jump starts can be eliminated. Batteries can now be assigned to powering the truck’s accessories without having to save back enough power to start the truck.